Two cyclists on a hill watching the Bernina train pass

A trip on the Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is the slowest railway train in Europe, which may not necessarily be a disadvantage, particularly when you are on holiday. Because especially nowadays, when we are constantly absorbed by our hectic everyday lives, slowness becomes an added value to rediscover and treasure.

A trip back in time

Awarded World Heritage Status, the train runs through the valleys that from Tirano rise up towards the Bernina Pass, its passengers travelling in comfortable heated wagons, surpassing an altitude of 2,253 meters and traveling on slopes with a gradient of 70 per thousand (7 percent), it then descends to St. Moritz.

The Red Train of Bernina's route has remained unchanged for decades, so you will feel like you are taking a trip back in time, when the journey was more important than the destination. Along the route you can admire the breathtaking landscape and the many small villages perched on the mountain sides.

Choose the right offer for you

At the Alù Hotel we have many attractive offers for the Red Train of Bernina. Staying in our hotel you can get to Tirano in just over half an hour, and then enjoy your trip aboard one of the most famous trains in the world running all year round. On your return you can enjoy all the comforts of Alù Hotel, like, for example, our beautiful modern wellness center which provides many special personalized treatments, for a weekend dedicated to leisure and wellbeing.

Our hotel's advantages:

  • just 30 minutes from Tirano
  • wellness center inside the hotel
  • special offers and package deals, depending on the period
  • restaurant with rich and tasty dishes