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Many outdoor excursions and activities in the Stelvio National Park

Despite all the efforts made, the fruits of Man’s own talents will never be able to beat the beauty of Nature.

Trekking and sport surrounded by nature and animals
Thanks to its position, immersed in the Stelvio National Park, Bormio offers an extremely vast network of walking trails, where it is possible to practice trekking, Nordic walkingand mountaineering.

You will have many possibilities to see deer, roe deer, chamois, ibex, foxes, marmots, golden eagles and bearded vultures!

Services and facilities for many summer sports
Apart from the marvels provided by nature (panoramic routes for walking, mountain-biking or to travel on horseback, lakes andstreams for fishing) in Bormio, there arefacilities where you can practice an endless list of sports including golf, ice skating, tennis, without forgetting the splendid and spectacular spa pools.

What is the most wonderful excursion? A trip on the Bernina Red Train
You can’t miss a trip on the Bernina Red Train:from Tirano to St. Moritz, the train carries out the highest railway crossing in Europe surrounded by glaciers and alpine lakes, travelling on slopes of up to 70 per thousand, exceeding  a height of 2,253 metres!This is one of the steepest natural adhesion railways in the world and as from July 2008, the Bernina Red Train has been declared a World Heritage of Humanity.