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Bike Hotel

In the bike hotel in Bormio, you can enjoy all the pleasure of a biking holiday

The 3-star Hotel Alù in Bormio is part of the Alta Rezia Bike Hotelcircuit and it provides special services for cyclists and for mountain bike enthusiasts:

Bormio, the Valtellinaand the Alta Reziaareas offer various routes,both for mountain bike and road cyclists.


Don’t miss the most famous mountain climbs

Other routes, also for Mountain bikes
There are two bike routes at 3,000 metres available for mountain bikes at the Bormio 3000 and at the Passo Zebrù (Zebrù Pass), with viable routes and breathtaking panoramas, fascinating itineraries that are difficult to find anywhere else in the alpine area.Try the Alta Rezia Mtb Loop, the new way of experiencing a bike holiday:  by making use of the ski lifts, you can alternate bike routes with assisted uphill climbs and you can pursue the entire Bormio circuit from Santa Caterina, Tirano, St. Moritz and Livigno. In order to follow this route you can also use the Bernina Red Train, a magnificent way to admire a breathtaking landscape!